Why does no one ever talk about Andromeda Tonks I mean she was a pure-blood Slytherin in the Black family and she still chose to marry a muggle born despite being disowned and then she raised one of the most badass witches in all of existence and joined the Order of the Pheonix and when her husband, daughter and son-in-law all died in the war, she stepped up and helped raise Teddy seriously that woman was a fucking hero.

hey it’s three in the morning and i just remembered that I once had a dream that i discovered there was a cockroach that lived in my hamster’s cage that could turn into a human girl who ended up being my friend. here’s to strange dreams that make me wish I wasn’t deathly afraid of cockroaches



reading ur old writing

i dont know which facial expression in most accurate 


i love rihanna’s vines


Ib the Horror Game OST
Mary’s Theme

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Ib the Horror Game Original SoundTrack -
Dining Room 

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